Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alzheimers Quilt Initiative

My Grandmother Laura Armeda Barnes is 83 and has Alzheimers. She has been in a local nursing home (in the Alzheimers unit within) since Spring of this year.
She was an avid seamstress.When I was a young teenager she spent a lot of time making custom outfits for me ( I was hard to fit) as well as garments for my mom when she was a teenager growing up and for herself.
I credit my Grandmother (for both DNA and fabric exposure)with my fondness for fabric(OK anything TEXTILE RELATED!!)
In her most recent years she caught the "Quilting Bug" along with my Mom and me. She managed to put together several quilts as well as collaborate with us on some bed quilt projects.
She also enjoyed crocheting afgans,doing embroidery and stitched several pillowcases for us.
My Mom has become involved at the nursing home,most recently their Alzheimers fundraising event that took place this weekend. She pieced a quiltop and I machine quilted it. It was raffled off this weekend and a young girl won it.
The link above will tell you more about this Alzheimers Art Quilt Exhibit and how you can help by sending an e-mail to OPRAH (cause we ALL KNOW what happens then...)to get this exhibit for this worthy cause OUT THERE!!
If you have had the opportunity to view this exhibit and attend the lecture,(and/or buy the book or CD )you know how moving and important this exhibit is to getting the message across. PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE with the Oprah people.
There are links to view the quilts also a NEW EXHIBIT TO PARTICIPATE IN (small quilts)if you are so inclined.You can also read more about the project in general.

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