Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Prairie Pride Harvest Market 2007

This past Labor Day weekend I participated in a local Harvest Festival.The owner/promoter of the festival has a very lush farm setting with flowering grounds and a great rustic barn with a large porch.She had the local conservation club selling food and a husband/wife team of strolling folk musicians. I was lucky enough to get a porch space last year due to a vendor cancellation. I snagged a different spot on the porch this year.(See pics from both years) All in all it is a quaint and charming experience.
This year I added Vintage Aprons to my list of wares.I also sold organic produce,(tomatos,peppers garlic) natural salsa,designer fabric remnants, hand-dyed muslin, hosta,lemon balm, catnip and hollyhock starts and seeds as well as fresh cut flowers.
For some reason its taken me 2 days get back to feeling like my usual self. I guess every ounce of energy I had was spent preparing for the festival...
Oh! and cleaning and organizing my studio for the Local Newspaper to come and interview me about my LongArm Quilting business...The photographer has already been here...the interviewer cancelled on my last week and is going to show up today..
(We will see!!!!!!!)


Anna Banana said...

WOW. How did you get the newspaper to take an interest in your longarm business???? That is WAY COOL!

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:

Let us not be hasty!!!
It's almost 2 o clock and alas no one has darkened mine door.
I was at our Farmer's Market two weekends ago ...it was very rainy and one of the papers reporters was asking folks about their favorite apple recipie. I just happened to mention my biz and she sounded like they would be interested in my subject matter for their" Local Business Feature."
The interviewer cancelled on me at the last minute last Thursday, but the photographer did show up.No one seemed to know what the other was doing?????And still don't apparantly.........

phlegmfatale said...

I especially love the front quilt on the bottom picture - lovely!