Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vintage red ,white and blue..

Ok !
So here are some shots of yet another customer quilt.
This customer is a client of my Mom's amd not a quilter.
I did not get the story on the vintage blocks whether they were purchased or in the family, and I enjoyed this one too. Polka dots are always fun to work with
This one had to be limited to a certain dollar amount so I didn't get too crazy with
custom quilting.
I used Signature cotton thread in "Parchment" for the top and a white Mako (cotton) for the bobbin.
I did have to use a BLEACHED batting...I chose White Rose by Mountain Mist for a couple of reasons.
I could get it locally at the HOB LOB for 40% off w/coupon.(yeay)
Plus it shrinks up quite nicely when washed and dried.
Thats good if you're going for a vintage look. I'm pretty sure we were!
It has a super soft hand and would be easy to hand quilt.( if one was so inclined)
So now its off to Mom's house where she will attach the binding.
Red polka dot binding would be sweet... don't cha think???


Anna Banana said...

Your quilting treatment really suits the quilt, I think. I have never seen that before...did you make it up?? Should it from now on be referred to as "McAtwelling"???

schnoobie said...

Ms Banana:
Its just a little something I made up.I'm sure it will be all the rage at MQS next year!....HA!!
If you look closely its just a very random wonky wavy freehand crosshatch.
I didn't think stippling would suit it AND I had to keep the cost down.I had to keep thinking" large background texture"...
Thanks for checking up on me!!