Monday, May 12, 2008

S!#T Job (for this I went to college?????)

Several weeks ago the Boss announced he had a "Shit Job" for us.
We were assigned 2 walls of the greenhouse and were instructed to scrub the greenstuff off the floor, pull any weeds and wipe down the plastic wall with soapy water.
You guessed it :Hands and Knees Style!
(as you can tell there was only one way to get under those benches anyway )
Naturally we had to heft out the 50 ft hoses first in order to get to where we needed to clean!( and then try to neatly coil them back up!)
Of course I was indignant. Didn't he have a crew of "laborers" to do this?????
We are the "Customer Service" crew!!! The "Annual Experts!" "Plant Professionals!"
(Ok ,so we weren't "Officially" open yet)....but people were still coming in and poking around, asking questions and buying stuff@!!@
Can you tell I've got a bad attitude towards this kind of task? I'ts bad enough doing your own down and dirty cleaning (from what I can remember) but cleaning someone elses place, business, etc always makes me feel like some sort of subservient lackey. I know !I know! Some people own cleaning services and are paid
quite well by loyal clients for a job done with, enthusiasm, speed and finesse( Hi Lauri!)
It ain't me kids. (Not to mention I wasn't getting paid a "housecleaning wage")
Anyway we plowed through the rest of the day nearly getting the entire area done, knees raw, cold wet and lunch could be served from any spot on the floor of your choosing.

Tools of the Trade

Phyllis and Edna sucking it up and working with a smile.

Note the "Good Housekeeping" T-shirt !I didn't get that memo!!. Edna shows us her "best side!"

This is what we were scrubbing and weeding under.

Good times.