Monday, August 13, 2007

Here Tis' Pink and Brown Beauty

Well it looks like I may not be working(painting) again this week! (CRIPE!!)So the only thing to do is KEEP ON QUILTING!!!!AND...........
As are some pics of the latest full size quilt that I just finished quilting.The owner is Florida now enjoying some R& I have a little bit of time to bask in the glow of the finished project. These are the ones I grow attached to the most and regret having to return to their rightful owner!!*sigh*
I especially enjoyed this one...and am filing this half square triangle idea away for future reference. I have some half square triangles from a swap awhile ago...and would consider making more anyway. They are fun and fast.
I used 3 colors of cotton thread.I ONLY USE COTTON THREADS and Mako by Aurifil is one I use a lot . They have a huge range of colors to choose from. This one was quilted with a nice antique-y brown, peach and cream all 40 wt.
I've included a shot of the back ,but couldn't seem to get a nice detail of it.
I've finished yet another quilt today..this one is a wall size . Pics of that one coming soon...Stay tuned!!!

As always click on pics for close up detail view......

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