Sunday, August 26, 2007

did I say big?? I meant BIG!!!!

It's DONE!!!!!!!!!
Quick N Dirty Baby!!!(well kinda...)Yay.

D found an update for the printer software so now I'm compatable enough to be able to download NEW PICS and be Bloggin for ya!!(who loves ya?)
So......remember the plaids in the washing machine pic??
Well they have been put together into what I would call a "Utility Quilt" top and are now as I type, being quilted.( Well I'll get back to quilting it in a minute!! First I must update!)
When I say "Utility Quilt" I'm thinking of "usedbythefamilyanddog havingpizzainthebasementwiththeneighborhoodkidswashedweekly" kind of quilt.
And this one would stand up to it...these are more of a canvas type weight fabrics..pretty darn sturdy. When it gets quilted up with the batting and backing on it they are also heavier than the usual.
The blocks in the pic are soooooo big ( I'll tell ya how big!) that I have to advance the rollers on my machine back and forth to get to each end(on the diagonal)
in one contiuous line.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about just trust me on this one.
LARGE 22inches square LARGE.
Anyhoo....this should go fairly quickly...... hopefully cause I've got lots to do
today!!(UPDATE Got 'Er DONE!!! see above pic.......)
But before I go........I must mention a couple of things!!
I'ts called "Quilters Home" . I'ts edited by a guy by the name of Mark Lapinsky..( I know I had never heard of him either but) I AM NOW A FAN!!!!It's put out by McCalls and worth picking up!!
Also new link "Quiltville" check it out!


Anna Banana said...

I was trying to imagine some McAtwelling on the left block in the middle picture, but I made myself so dizzy I had to go lie down.

I do know what you mean about having to advance and reverse the quilt to stitch the long diagonal lines of those HUGE blocks. I once did a quilt that had a tiger panel in the center. The customer wanted crosshatching of this panel, BUT it was larger than my quilting area between the rollers. So I too did the back and forth thing. It came out nice in the end, so it was worth the effort, but it was "interesting" trying to keep track of where the lines picked up and left off around the motif.

I checked out Quiltville and noticed that she shops at my favorite fabric merchant, Mary Jo's. It made the world seem a little smaller to me. Also, where did you pick up your copy of Quilter's Home? I want to check that out too.

schnoobie said...

Sorry to tell you but ....Jo-Ann fabrics....(didn't you have a ..employment experience there?)is where I found can order it and back issues if you go to the