Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bridezilla countdown!

True to form... it's been a while! The greenhouse gig has FINALLY ended for the season and I'm home longarming and reclaiming my much neglected living spaces.

We are off to Onekama,Michigan early Saturday morning to conclude what has been a verrry looong engagement.....( hello! 6 years!)
Initially the wedding was going to be a micro event.....with 2 other couples ( one of who was responsible for getting us togehter in the first place!)
When my Sister and Mom got wind of this .... they decided they were going to indeed "crash" this party and drag along my Dad and Bro-in law.
I's not that they werent invited.... this was just an opportunity to have a wedding "event".(.... our friends had rented this beach house for the week and invited us up for the weekend... and it just happened to be 4.5 hours away...)I was the one who added the wedding to the whole thing at the last minute( well sorta).
Of course I requested their approval prior.( uh YEAH how about a wedding during your LAKE VACATION?!?)
Really this was just an excuse to take the motorcycle on a much anticipated overnight trip...why not make it a combo platter??
2 birds,one stone.. in one weekend!!
My Mom was supposed to be coming to my house and watching over the farm zoo and quilting a quilt for a friend of hers on my Longarm while we were gone....
...and now that she is going to be up there for our wedding ..I had to enlist another backup zoo keeper in the form of my next door neighbor ( who's zoo I've watched many a time).
Naturally she is going to be out of town that weekend.. but her husband graciously volunteered.
So todays task is getting the inside dog quarters fit for public consumption.

This project is going to get a little.... ummm....HAIRY!