Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shroomage!! and Vintage Quilt Tops

Whoops!! these are so fab I had to post twice..! Enjoy

hey I finally cleaned off my desk so I can find my computer!! how YOU DOIN?
No it's NOT a giant golfball....D found this when he was mowing the lawn last time .....and we have had some rain since then ( yeah SOME!!!!!) and I pesuaded him to leave it till I could get a pic of it and or cook it!! I looks like the over grown nuclear( nuke-U-lar) version of the ones you buy from the Kroger......Now I don't exactly have a "Field guide to Mushrooms in North America" and I wont eat it but damn I sure is curious about what it will look like when I slice it UP!!! has been a stressful summer what with the job market being a tough nut to crack but I have landed another job(finally!) this time it's a real one with the potential for the whole -range- of- benefits- package AND they feed us lunch...for FREE CAUSE ITS A 4 DAY WORK WEEK...10 hrsM-Th Fridays off...this is week 3 and thankfully they are teaching me other things besides what was originally intended..which is GOOD cuse I tend to get bored......and they've got me up and around and moving which is good to cause I tend to slip into a coma if i have to sit at a desk(which is what I was doing the first week and a half.
Here are 2 vintage quilt tops I snagged at the Shipshewana Antique fair last month. We go to my family's lake cottage for the yearly SUMMER quilting retreat when it's happening and always find some lovelies. (ssshhhhh the trick is to ditch your friends and go off by yourself if you are going to snag the good stuff cause they are looking for same!!)