Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I need more..........

Well as you know..I've been down on the Farm quilting all week. My usual routine is to check my favorite blogs and hopefully get some new content.
Blame it on the fact that I have way more time to surf, and my need for NEW!!and EXCITING!!!!and I have no one to talk to here!.....
So I've found a couple new blog sites worth perusing. One which stands out the most (OK Cause the word Farm was in the title!)is Force Majeure Farm.(See Link, lower right)

She is a retired Coast Guard officer(!) and is now living on a farm in Illinois and has a
QUILT RESTORATION BUSINESS!!!!!! Very very interesting and informative, with pics of vintage beauties and its "Farmy" to boot!
Check it out!!!!!!!!!


Anna Banana said...

I guess I never realized things had to be FARM related to turn you on. Lucky (?) for you, my next post is going to be goat related. Will that work for you???

Seriously, I had already decided to post about Hannah before I stopped by to see what you were up to today. Now I have committed myself. Later.

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:

Yes it's true "Farmy" does indeed turn me on! I CAN'T WAIT for your goat post! Lucky for me for sure!!
Now that you have had yourself committed,.... er you know !! Looking forward to it!!

Sassenach said...

Well, thank you for the kind comments! Glad you like the restoration articles -- I plan on doing more as time allows.

We're in the process of building a goat herd, too. I loved anna's blog about hannah!