Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kinda soggy here...........thanks for asking!!!!!!

Hey Kids!!'s been a few days. I know you are all wondering WTF?????
OK here's the deal.....
Was super busy trying to finish stuff and get ready for doing local Farmers Market today.
COMPUTER took a crap. no worky.bupkis nada etc........NUTHIN!!!!.
D got out his "other' computer and we are hooked up for maximum GAMING PLEASURE now here but I am without a compatable connection to all my old photos and method to up load new ones.
Heavy sigh.
Drove around to a couple neighboring towns looking for a video card for computer.
Again nothing.
Stopped at a Midwestern Dairy Burger Chain and orderd my usual. Several girls were standing around waiting for something to do.
One was playing with her hair and then decided to wipe her nose a couple of times with her hand....then to my horror...she proceded to begin to make my ice cream order..........
This was more than I could stand !! I said excuse me !! and in a polite ,subdued but explicit way asked to to go wash her hands and imitated what she just did.
I cannot tell you how many times I have observed people in the 'FOOD INDUSTRY" handling food after touching money or as in this case touching their hair or face .
D said he had the worst meal he has ever had there. I was completely apalled at the lack of basic hygiene skills being exhibited. I 've got 1/2 a mind ( not a full one) to go to their website and let them know.. too bad I didn't keep my receipt!!
New "video card" (let's hope it will fix this) has been ordered from "large feline with stripes electronic geek supply" and will arrive shortly.
So I apologize for not having any exciting(!) visuals...AND
In case you were wondering..
I'ts been RAINING everyday here in the good 'ol MIDWEST for the past week.
Lots of places have been hit hard with flooding,uprooted trees,and power outages.
We ,thankfully , have been pretty lucky. The chickens were mudboggin until we got them some straw yesterday. My yard is one giant grassy sponge but no biggie really!!
TODAY we got up before the chickens at 5 am and loaded up the ol truckster in the DARK in the RAIN to go to the FARMERS MARKET. There were a few(very!) other vendors there and we endured a handful of shoppers and a whopping blowing rain front for a short while.
Then the rain started soaking thru to the front of a quilt I had hanging as a back drop.
Thats when I decided to pack it up and head home @ 9:00 or so.
I made a whopping $6. I put on some dry clothes and went back to bed.Fooey.


Anna Banana said...

What a huge disappointment with the Farmers Market thing.

We had a booth at the Daytona Beach Flea Market one year. Some weeks we did great, others were as you experienced. The weather is a huge factor, and who can blame folks for not wanting to go out in it? Especially what you midwesterners have been experiencing this past week. I have been following it on the news, and talking to my family in MI, and it reminds me of when a hurricane passes near here. It doesn't have to hit directly for us to have days on end of rain and soggy earth. Much sympathy for you.
About the food service experience....YUCK! We have a little convenience store/deli near our house, and they are always doing disgusting things like that. Like one time I saw the girl drop a spatula on the floor, pick it up and nonchalantly stick it BACK IN THE UTENSIL JAR!! The other day I was in there and the woman making sandwiches had to go into the store room for more supplies. So off she goes, wearing her sanitary gloves, and rotates stock. Then she comes back out and makes this guy a sandwich without changing gloves. HELLLOOO. These people are obviously not rocket scientists, and they apparently think as long as they are wearing the gloves they are up to the health codes. It doesn't matter that I just cleaned out the cat litter pan, I have my trusty sanitary gloves on so I'm good to go. Good for you for calling her on it. Did you watch to make sure she didn't spit in your food?? It makes me not want to eat anything that wasn't prepared in my own kitchen. YUCK again.

schnoobie said...

Ms Banana:
Thanks for the sympathies!!This was only the 3rd time I had done our Farmers Market. Heck it's the first year for it AND the Manager had given me a freebie anyway. I'm just proud of myself for doing all I could do,knowing that, instead of staying in bed and not trying in the first place!!Hopefully this next weekend festival will be better! Last year we had beautiful weather and there are a lot of people from Chicago who come to it. Yeah yuck on the food thing! I didn't stick around to see but it looked like I embarrassed her enough and she did leave( hopefully to go wash her hands)the front where she was making the ice cream!!blehh