Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ready for my close up!!!

Enjoying some basil.........

Biff the Rooster (formerly known as Buffy the Bug Slayer)

Here are the usual suspects....almost all grown up!
In fact, we have just succombed to what we have been suspecting for some time ....but did not want to admit..Yes, Buffy the Bug Slayer( last pic) is indeed Biff the Bug Slayer .
She (he ) had been displaying advanced growth patterns (large butt, more comb and waddle and a generally larger disposition)....and .....
We had considered it....but after a visit to our local county fair and seeing several full grown hens and roosters we decided she (he )was just a more developed hen and went about our daily
state of poultry denial.
I went away last weekend for some quilting shenannigans and returned to an undeniable COCK-A DOODLE-DOOOOOO( 4 or 5 times!) on Monday morning when I went out to feed the flock.
Doug admitted he witness the same this weekend whilst I was away.
Now I have had some doubts about having a rooster.....and we ordered all female chicks trying to avoid a situation... having heard of aggressive roosters and the inevitable fryer/roaster smackdown.
Doug spoke with the owner of a feed store today, who proclaimed it was actually better to have a rooster especially when it comes to Organic eggs: health food stores actually seem to prefer this!!
Of course it wierds me out a tad..( me who won't even EAT CHICKEN lately)

But I guess we will have to wait and see if he can behave himself!!!!!!


Anna Banana said...

Then there's the prospect of home grown chicks from hatching your own eggs!

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana....

yeah!! the thought had crossed my pea brain...."organic baby chicks for sale!!"