Sunday, August 05, 2007


I just found out from my boss there isn't any work for me this coming week. He suggested perhaps getting a lot of quilting done in the mean time...and
I'm back from a fun filled Stich N Bitch weekend at my parents lake cottage with a side of Shipshewana...(Antique Fair,Yoder's.. Lolly's)
What happens at the Lake stays at the Lake...but I'll tell ya we had us some fun.
New shoes.....(Black Mary Jane Crocs..) unusually girly for the Schnoobie
Vintage blocks....... 16@$1 a piece
Reproduction 30's fabric purchases......oh and some previous century (Colonies Blue out of print) yardage 7+ Yds!!for sashing a set of another Vintage 9 patch blocks Yeay!
2 Monogrammed Leather Suitcases (40's vintage like new!) $26 for both
Smirnoff Raw Tea...New!!Yummy!! (6 pack )

Although we had this outing planned for a year there were 3 others that either never RSVP'ed or cancelled at the last minute. As had been previously warned they were talked about.
You know who you are and you know the consequences.

I didn't get a ton done....dabbled in several project options with minimal enthusiasm , zest or results . (Although it took me two weeks worth of digging through 3 large rubbermaid containers full of vintage block sets and pieces parts....trying to decide what to take to work on)
I did accomplish the selection and purchasing of fabrics for 2 different projects from 2 different points in quilt block making history...
Now I'm excited about actually sewing a set of 50 nine patches from the 40's that made me wonder why I purchased them in the first place.(poorly constructed and fugly) I found 7 different repro fabrics from the same era and am putting them with the 9 patches as alternate blocks in a concentric pattern.
I have several quilts to quilt, a studio to organize and a new design wall to dig out...(plus laundry...etc and blah blah)
Stay tuned for more info and pics as the week digresses...
I have to talk to somebody!!!!!!!!!!!Later!!!!!!

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