Monday, August 20, 2007


Customer quilt....Bricks #1.....

These plaids are classic guy stuff!!!Just a small sampling of the "Stash from the Mart"!!!!!
Well, it's happened.
More like not happened.
I called my boss last night to check on the status of work for this week.
Left a message. No reply.
I told myself this would be the week to start looking for a job.
Bummer really.....I actually enjoyed painting houses. I made a decent wage for a change and got some sort of a sense of accomplishment out of it.
I guess I'm pretty bummed because I have been out there, done lots of it and there are very few decent jobs out there. Especially in my town. There are a couple larger towns with more going on but with the price of gas it would have to be a pretty decent paying job.
And truly kids. I'M OVER IT!!
So. I guess I'll start with Monster and Yahoo....bleh.
As far as quilting goes..Ive got six left unfinished..I'm working on the first set of 3 from one customer who put these 3 together to just use up her stash( what? ONLY 3!!? from your STASH!!)SHE WANTS THESE UTILITY QUILTED which means no fancy stuff.
They all are a brick type of pattern with a lattice inbetween (3 different color combos) And amazingly ,as tired as I was last night, I think I've found one solution
that is different form the typical allover quilting. It serves the utility quilting price requirement, is fairly continuous( not a lot of stops and starts) and seems to enhance the simple graphic look of the piecing.( see above photo)
I also thought since I'm doing the farmers market this Sat and another harvest fest next Sun I should actually TRY TO GET SOME SIMPLE QUILTS MADE TO SELL.!!!
wHAT A CONCEPT!! This is something I've alsways wanted to do but never had the time for.
Ive only got 3 more "paying quilts"(hi mom! I'll get yours done for the show I promise!) left to do after these 3 and they are small.
Last I knew I had a store on e-bay, (unused) and have picked a name for Etsy so I could start trying to sell there as well.
As some of you know I have an INSANE AMOUNT of designer fabric samples left over from my days working at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. These are all upholstery and drapery weight fabrics that were used for display in the showroom where I worked. Since I was the "merchandiser" (read staple monkey and box beyotch) I was the one who had the glamorous job of putting up the new and taking down the old ( discos, we called 'em , discontinued!)(see above )
Now of course some of these fabrics got donated to various charities ( quilts for kids) and local design schools. But a lot of it would end up in a dumpster if it werent for me and my daily shopping bag. Yes.... this was a RESOURCE,that I recognized,and one day when I was a little old lady with lots of time, I would MAKE STUFF!!
Guess that time is now!!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!


Anna Banana said...

You know, every great success story includes tales of being “forced” down the road to success by circumstances seemingly beyond the control of the person living the story. I think now is that time for you!

In the mean time….does your boss have competitors? Maybe they are getting all the business recently and maybe they need some temporary help and you could fit a little of that in your schedule. Unless of course it interferes with your traveling down the quilting success road.

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:

Thank you for the kind words of inspiration!! I guess I feel like I should make the "most" of this opportunity and really go for it this time!!!
As far as the competitors....I have a sneaking suspicion I was hired because I knew somebody and it was a busy time for my boss. I don't think I could command the same wage anyway...I wasn't that experienced. And yeah! it just might interfere with my journey down the quilting superstar highway!! bwahahahaha!!

phlegmfatale said...

WOW! That bricks quilt is so cool!