Friday, August 17, 2007

Outside today!!

I've been inside the studio for almost 2 weeks now .
At the quilting machine or in from of this attention sucking computer..
I think its about time to head outside and "blow the stink off" as my Uncle Buck would say.
The weather is just right today, not too hot.... nor overcast.
There are still more tomatoes and peppers to deal with(Salsa !)
AND a while ago a good friend of mine gave me a bunch of perennials from her garden. I still have to get the mums,daylilies and iris planted...


Anna Banana said...

Yummy, midwestern grown tomatoes. I used to eat them like an apple, but not any more. Being grown in the Florida sand bleaches all the good flavor out. I can't get a decent tomato around here. :(

Do you have enough to can salsa, or is it strictly on an "as needed" basis??

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:
Hooey Boy....
I got 'maters comin out my EARS!
When they start getting ripe... lookout.. its like a freight train!
Wish I could send ya some..confuse your mail carrier even more!I guess I forgot from last year ( or maybe I was just foolin myself) but there is no such things as just making a "small batch". When I start in it involves pitchers and pitchers of chopped tomatoes and peppers.
I COULD can it but I don't because I much prefer the fresh taste. Plus it makes for great gifts (or party bring alongs) for unsuspecting people. As in: "Hey!! How ya doin?? haven't seen you in a while...just heard you ran OUT OF SALSA"(!)heh
Plus Bug Boy loves it with his fried SPAM.(ew)

mumsy said...

mom says you need to get a job as
a comedy writer!
sooo glad my reproduction 9patch
quilt will be done for the show
now get er done!!!!
loved the boat photo of us too
bad it didnt show our best side

phlegmfatale said...

goodness gracious those tomatoes look gloriously rich and runny! I could do with a plate full and a salt shaker right about now!

Your life is so rich!