Friday, August 10, 2007

Shipshewana Summer Stitch N Bitch 07

Ok so here we are ( L to R) Sandy, Mom and me

at Lolly's digging through the fat quarters in The Boat.

Mom had to have a pic taken and some kind unsuspecting quilter obliged.

The TRADITIONAL pose though is usually taken from the other side butts out. Its kind of fun diggin through these cause you might find a fat quarter of a line of fabrics that has been out of print for a while.. It isn't a baragin however because they are $2 a piece. Fabric is generally $8( more ) a yard anyway........
Here is a shot (a VIGNETTE if you will ) and you will, of what I aquired whilst there.....and one of the projects I was working on. Note the shoes (Crocs,plastic,hoseable) they were creating quite a crowd at Yoders .They had a huge display and a large selection of styles and colors...more than I've seen anywhere else.Several ladies were deliberating .....of course being the enabler that I am..I encouraged one and all to "git cha some".

The vintage blocks on the left were purchased for $1 a piece (16 total) which was a deal that day. It was odd as a whole because random single blocks were going for $3 and more while vintage unfinished tops were quite reasonable. Right Mom????? Mom let a very old beauty go ....It had one hole in it but a great old Claret fabric as the background with a circular motif in off white...she tried to get a better price.... It was only $30 anyway.....I guess someone else snarfed it after we walked away..Pity.

The fabrics under my shoe are the choices for the alternate blocks for the top I'm putting together with the 30's& 40's 9 patches. You can see I've started assembling them. They are a pain because the stitching is teeny weeny in some spots which makes it hard to rip and reassemble. Some of them need it ..the piecing is pretty wonky.

And lastly you can see the larger of the 2 vintage leather suitcases I picked up at a vendor booth at the antique fair. I already have too many ,most of mine are the straw/fabric/linen type..but these 2 were a must have at $26 for the pair...and in great shape!!Such a deal.

Ok back to the finishing of the quilt at later!!!!!


Anna Banana said...

Yoder's & Lolly's. Been there done that, but soooo long ago. (last summer) Suffering withdrawal now.

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:

Sounds like you need a good dose of yardage!...and I''l bet you're over due for a nice piece of pie too..Hmmmm?

geriwood said...

I was at Lolly's yesterday. It is my favorite quilt shop. Then we had to eat at the Blue Gate. It was a good day.

schnoobie said...

Thanks for stopping by!
Yes I would have to AGREE.....
Lolly's and Blue Gate sound like a winning combo to me!! Anytime..
Did you know they will split the bill for ONE PIECE OF PIE ??
I was there with 2 friends and we all shared ONE PIECE of pie after huge lunch...
No excuses to ever skip the pie now!!