Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reproduction Directional Fabrics

Spoils from the F.A.R.T. Baby!!!!!
Used to be, back in the day....I would purchase fabrics sort of willy nilly.
I've got a LOT of fat quarters (duh!) 1/2 Y and 1Y pieces.Whatever caught my eye at the time. When going thru all my pieces, blocks and parts of vintage stuff I've collected throughout the years,It's come to reveal that I need YARDAGE TO finally put these things together with alternate blocks ,sashings ,borders backings ....that's why I needed me some YARDAGE!(mmmmmmmm yardage!........)
Lately I've been completely sucked into directional fabrics(reproduction of course!)....they do all the work don't cha know...!
This is what I hauled home from the super quick and dirty road trip.
For your viewing pleasure!!!
OH! BTW...a little birdie told me someone liked her quilt that I was working on that she saw on my blog....(HASN'T BEEN UP FOR SHOW AND TELL YET)
hmmmmm ?????COULD IT BE???????another lurker?????
So I gotta say HI BRENDA S.!!!!!!!!!! you've been chosen as "LURKER OF THE MONTH!!!!!!!
Come on out and say something!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Robinson said...

those fabrics are yummy. They are reproductions? It's amazing how modern some of the patterns look. That's good design I guess .... timeless.

schnoobie said...

Mrs. Robinson:
Yeah ! I'm pretty sure almost if not all are repros....
new is old again something!! yeah and 40 is the new 20!!!!
That's MY story..........

Patti said...

I've started collecting these - and buying a couple yards each of the best ones. They make such great sashings and borders. And there certainly have been a lot of good ones in the fabric collectiions these past 2-3 years.

RE1-2212 said...

Late at night when I can't sleep my lurking personality takes over and to win LURKER OF THE MONTH is a great honor and I will try to lurk even better in the I get a prize or something???

schnoobie said...

Arent they the best?? I just wish I had been paying attention to these awhile ago!

Yes it is an honor . Especially cause it's the first time it's been awarded!Your prize is a pin you can attach to your guild nametag and wear with pride!! Thanks for the nice comments about moms quilt and for coming out of lurkdom!! You're very welcome anytime...see ya at the Heritage show!!

Anna Banana said...

Congrats on outing another lurker!!

I don't know what is "wrong" with me, but I just can't get on the repro fabric bandwagon.

Maybe its cuz I ain't got no degree in textiles.

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:
Naw!!!! you just aint got the right taste buds!!I've always loved vintage stuff.. I finally get to love me cause I'm so old!
You know, I think there is waaaay enough fabric out there to thrill everybody.Regardless of what blows your skirt up. Besides that just leaves more for me anyway!!!What is MOST IMPORTANT is that the fabric gets made into quilt tops and brought to longarm quilters!
Can I get a "Hell Yeah!!"?

Anna Banana said...

Hell Yeah!

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hear you on the yardage thing! I have begun to make scrappy quilts but it sure would be nice to have yardage of something. Lately I have begun only buying yardage as I continue to make scrappy thing..............maybe someday I will have more yardage than fat can only hope!

schnoobie said...

Thanks for stopping by the Farm!!Ya know .......if its all fabric its all good!!!!(thats my story!!!!)

phlegmfatale said...

I really like those directional fabrics. I buy fabric willy-nilly, too, but I buy YARDS at a time. It's a sickness.

schnoobie said...

Nonsense and Pish Tosh!!
It's called "Smart Stash Enhancement" (just made THAT up!)
and its practiced all over the
globe by intelligent fabric fondlers just like you.Besides its great for the economy, tates great and is less filling!!