Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pocketfull of Stars (with bubbles)?

Here is the latest effort from the longarm studio here, down on the farm.

This one is owned by the very gracious Joanie B, she is a new customer and kindred spirit.
Story goes: My mom happened to be in a fabric store looking for the Reproduction fabrics when a stranger ( not for long!!) steps up and guides her in the right direction. Naturally my Mom starts chatting her up( UNBELEIVABLE! not) ( well ok maybe it was a mutual thing!) one thing leads to another and this person is looking for a longarmer in the area ,mom mentions my name ,she says it sounds like the name that was referred to her by a lady at the library(thanks Linda!)and wham!.
Next thing you know we are all meeting at my mom's house for some serious quilting chat; fabrics, retreats, shops, guilds etc. yadda yadda and 3 tops to quilt!!!We all hit it off right away and had a lovely visit.
If you look closely, you can see a very unusual and fun feature to this quilt. The small triangles are actually 3 dimensional and form tiny pockets in the corners.Joan told me the pattern called for sewing the edges of the triangles down but she decided to leave them open, like small triangle shaped pockets. Which, I think , makes the quilt so much more creative and interesting!
I hadn't ever seen anything like this and enjoyed all aspects of the challenge in actually creating the quilting design ,the execution of it and of course the final result.
The piecing called for a simple enhancement of the triangles. I felt an overly busy quilted pattern/design would distract and or compete with the piecing, as would a contrasting or variegated thread.
So thats the latest installment kids...
NEXT UP: Twin Log Cabins.......stay tuned.........


Anna Banana said...

Those little triangle pockets are way cool! I have never seen that before either.

The quilt looks huge. I'll bet that took a while to quilt.

schnoobie said...

Ms Banana:
Yep!93 X 114 Baby!! It did take awhile...and I had to be careful not to catch my hopping foot in the pockets....don't cha know!!

RE1-2212 said...

What was the satisfying moment at quilt show (yes, I lurk at anna banana site also) and did you buy that old quilt I pointed at..the $5 one.

Mrs. Robinson said...

This quilt is so suble and really neat. Seems like you get a real wide range of projects to work on. Must help keep things from getting too boring!

schnoobie said...

Nice try!! That moment wasn't for public consumption....Doesn't all this "lurking" cut into your quilting time?? No wonder you're 732 quilt tops behind!!

mrs. robinson:
Yeah!! You know ,never a dull moment around here. Wait till I get one of my own done!!!!!

RE1-2212 said...

731 and right on schedule