Sunday, September 16, 2007

Early Fall F. A. R. T. of 2007

Down on the Farm................
Dad and Dougie had a little "coop improvement" session here today.
We're upgrading from "Silver Hillybilly Tarp" to
some nice metal roofing with a solid wood support.
This will no doubt support the "frozen preciptiation" (you cant make me say it!!)that we tend to get in these here parts during the winter months.
We will also attach a wind barrier to all 3 sides of the enclosure( recycling that Silver Hillybilly Tarp!) along with some clear plastic sheeting to let some sunlight in.
All 5 days of it.
The chickens now have a 5 watt night light bulb in the enclosed part of the coop..
Doug is going to insulate that with some foam sheeting and we also have a heat lamp for the super cold days and nights.....
Just perfect for playing poker during those long winter months...

(This is a new topic but refers to the Blog title....and involves the other half of my parent two-some......EQUAL TIME!!!!!!)))
so............... my Mom called me up the other day.
Her granny grundies were obviously in a bunch.
"I'm just so CRABBY and I don't know why.....I just want to run away!!!!!"she said.
" OK!! Let's go on a road trip .I feel a F.A.R.T. coming on!!( FABRIC AQUISITION ROAD TRIP)!!I'll be your hostage!!!" I said. "Lets go to THE DOOR MOUSE or .....we could just go to Shipshe...."
(Shipshe isn't a road trip technically for Mom so to speak...She can go there ANYTIME she wants when she's at The Lake)
I was however THRILLED at the prospect of just getting out of town . Regardless!!
"I think we could do THE DOOR MOUSE!!!!"I can't remember how far away it is.....though I think it was right off the toll road. We can spend the night."
"Let me check my calendar..Yup !!!!I'm free from now till .................????"
"OK I'll get on the web and check it out. I'll call you back.!!""Ok! i'LL CHECK IT OUT TOO!"
And this kids, is how the whole thing started.
THE DOOR MOUSE ( a huge quilt shop in a BARN in Bettsville, OH.
If memory serves they had an aisle FOR EVERY COLOR. 3 HIGH PLUS 2 layers of bolts on the floor.!!!
You need to have some sort of a plan or theme or project in mind before you make the pilgrimage.
Otherwise its completely possible to end up in in a corner sobbing and chewing on your hair....due to the BUTTNORMITY of the experience.
We took pictures last time we were there but that was the "pre-digital era" so who knows where the hard proof is.
Stay tuned for more coverage on this "2007: The F.A.R.T. Of Early Fall!"


Anna Banana said...

I have never heard the term F.A.R.T. before, and when I did, I laughed my a$$ off!!! I had to call all my quilt friends and ask them if they have ever heard of a F.A.R.T. They hadn't, it must be a regional thing. You midwesterners.....

My sister hadn't heard of it either, and she (and I for that matter) are midwesterners so I'm not sure what is up with that.

Thanks for the laugh today!!! I wonder if the little old ladies in my quilt guild would appreciate me putting a little blurb in the newsletter about my new word???

Better not......

So, I hope pics of the F.A.R.T. are forthcoming??????

Anna Banana said...

Oh, and I hope those girls are paying you back for the home improvements by giving you some eggs.

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:

I promise drooly photos from the forthcoming F.A.R.T.( I got the term from the "quiltville blog") on Thur or Fri of this week.
I know !!Midwest Quilters are
so very VERY!!!!!!
The girls have been talking about when they lay their first eggs but so far.......we're still waiting.
Do NOT think I would let it slip by the ol Blog ......STAY TUNED!!