Thursday, September 20, 2007

Up Next.....LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

This quilt top belongs to a very good friend of mine. I believe she picked it up at a flea market..
It may be the next up on the ol longarm.
I know I will have a hard time giving this one back also


Mrs. Robinson said...

Looky lou. It's me!

schnoobie said...

Mrs. Robinson:

SO GLAD to have you back!!It just wasn't the same without you!!

Mrs. Robinson said...

It's almost too pretty to be mine. I don't usually make or buy things so lovely.
I think I'll set it aside for MIss Ivy when she gets a big girl bed.

Rock on!

schnoobie said...

mrs. robinson:
Everybody needs some lovely sometime!!!...Sounds like the perfect thing for Miss Ivy's bed....we're rolling right along here.....stay tuned

phlegmfatale said...

I LOVE that quilt top - it's kind of manic.

I can't believe someone did ALL that work and never finished it? Anyway, it's fantastic!