Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another Quilt Finished

This quilt is owned by the same lady who did the "Brown Bricks"(see previous post). She was stash busting and just wanted them "Utility quilted" which was completely understandable for the 2 brown bricks . I was happy to oblige. When I pulled this one out of the bag I knew it was going to need a little extra somthin somthin ( more than utility quilting for sure!)as far as quilting goes. I spoke with her about this and she told me to go ahead and do whatever I wanted.
Which, If you are a Long Arm Quilter, can be both a blessing and a curse.
Most of the time clients say this and again I am happy to add the "frosting" (in the form of quilting) and hopefully the quilting adds that finishing touch and the owner is happy with the result.
I am now to the bottom of my pile of customer quilts. Mostly because I have had so much time to get caught up and havent been to quilt guild to take anything for show and tell to remind them that yes indeed I AM STILL QUILTING!!!!!!
(usually I only quilt part time due to the having to have a "real job ")
Last night I had 4 client quilts I delivered to members but no one showed preferring to show when they are bound and truly finished.
I did bring the BIG BLOCK MONSTER to show ...but it doesn't exactly exemplify my custom quilting skills.
So today I will start on my Mom's quilt for her "other Guild"show coming up in October.
This will be a fun one because I love these types of fabrics and"devil may care" color combos!!!!!!!


Anna Banana said...

That is just beautiful work you do! So sorry that the people at the newspaper have no courtesy or appreciation for your obvious talents.

Maybe you can run down main street wearing nothing but a custom made quilt. I'll bet the press will be hot after THAT story! LOL

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana
Thanks again for the compliments!!
You know , I did suggest having NUDE MIMES to increase traffic at our local Farmers Market.. I suppose this would fall into the same category.......AND Halloween is coming up!! SCARY wOOOOOO.very.
The local paper has secured a "very lame" rating for sure in my book....I've been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune before ( for an article about MaryJanesFarm and the Farmgirl movement) so fooey on the local fishwrap!!!!

Finn said...

Hi Schnoobie, just popping in to say "hi" and thanks for stopping by over at our Orphan Train blog. It's always fun to see a new face. Fun blog you have going here, and the idea of the Prairie market is an appeal one! Looks like a fine selection of aprons, etc.
The customer's quilt you just finished is very pretty with the extra quilting, hope she loves it! Hugs, Finn

schnoobie said...

Hello Finn!!
Thank YOU for stopping by the Farm!!Looking forward to seeing more "orphan groupings" at your place!

phlegmfatale said...

Lovely job quilting this one - I think you made it so much better just by the additional sum'in sum'in!

You so totally rock, schnoob!

schnoobie said...

That's my job ma'am. Thanks for noticin!!!!!