Saturday, September 15, 2007

String Thingy

Well its DONE !!!!
For my part anyway....Mom gets to pull all these thread ends through..
hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha better her than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It looks worse than it is although it is pretty bad! When cross hatching these very small 9 patches you get a lot of starts and stops...Some quilters do knots but I'm of the other school of thought. I think it looks neater and you have the added security of knowing the thread is samdwiched between the 3 layers.. Quilt judges prefer no knots also.. for what thats worth..
Normally I would pull these through for a customer quilt...but Mom knows the drill...sometimes we barter..and thats the dealie-O!!


Anna Banana said...

Isn't it great to turn over a quilt without having to bury threads!!!! It's the least the fam can do after us longarmers sweat over their quilts for NO PAY!!!!

schnoobie said...

Ms. BananA:

Yes it's so nice......however I owed my Mumsie big time for financing my part of the hotel fee when we were in Shipshe.....the time before this past escapade.. It was long over due.
She always has to pull threads anyway.....oh the double edge of the seam ripper when you are related to your long-arm quilter!!