Saturday, September 22, 2007

Early Fall F.A.R.T of 2007 (the door mouse)

OK kids!!!
Here it is !!! More bolts of fabric than you have probably ever seen under one barn roof!!
As you can see also....some of the bolts on the floor actually blocked the view of the bolts on the lowest you had to move piles around to see everything.
I managed to find several "directional prints" in my favorite genre' "reproduction type fabrics. There were however a lot of things I wasn't very interested in. That's just me though . I'm pretty specific about what I'm gonna purchase.
I do recommend going though at least once just for the "over the top buttnormity" of it all.
On the way we stopped in Maumee at another quilt shop'The Quilt Foundry"located strangely enough in an old foundry!! They just happened to be open late that night...... lucky us!!The lady who was working there was giving us some history on the place and in addition to being a foundry waaay back in the day , it was also a manufacturer of the yellow dye that used to come with Oleo margarine.
I guess the margarine came in a sort of grey color and the yellow dye packet was mixed in by the consumer. For those of you who are too young to remember Oleo...ask your grandparents ...sounds nummy!!!!!
It was also interesting to learn that the current owner of the building had parents that worked in the building and lived nearby. He used to stop in on his way home from school.
As we were leaving, I was attacked by a quilted fish on a stick on the way out of the quilt shop...more on that later....I'm waiting for my insurance photos to be returned.
(I'm fine really!!! thanks for your concern....)
So....more stories and pics of the infamous trip later......
(I'll show you my stuff!!!) LATER!!!!


Mrs. Robinson said...

oh wow!
Okay, where's the shop in Maumee?? We stop at the Wendy's for a Frosty in that town once a year on our way to New York state.
I think a stop at a quilt shop should also become a tradition. Wait till I tell John. He'll be thrilled!

Anna Banana said...

Holy Crap! It looks like The Door Mouse is giving Mary Jo's Cloth World a run for it's money in amount of fabric under one roof. How are the prices at The Door Mouse? Do they have designer fabrics? Spill the beans.....

schnoobie said...

mrs. robinson: The Quilt Foundry was on a side st off the main drag in the old part of downtown.Super easy to find. Mom has the particulars in her "quilters travel companion" Which, I might add ,would be the
PERFECT guide for those across country road trips. Break him in NOW honey!
Ms. Banana:
Most of the inventory was right @ 8, a few things 40% off. some old stuff was as low as 6 ,brand new Judie R repro civil war gown line was 9.They also had a nice selection of shirtings... I could have bought a TON of the 30's and 40's reproduction lines by American Jane. A girl has got to stop somewhere....unfortunately!!!

phlegmfatale said...

omg - all those bolts of fabric in the barn - I'm feeling dizzy.

Did you want to flop down on the ground and just wallow like you're trying to pick up stink or something? I think I'd have a total fit there!