Friday, September 07, 2007

Mumsie's 9 Patch

You can never do enough for ones Mother.
( ok I've owed her this one for a while now)Hi Mom!!Gettin er done!!!!!
This is what I meant earlier by "devil may care" color combos.
AND it's the next bestest thing to quilting one of my own!!!!
I am cross hatching with black Aurifil Mako thread (cotton!!)on the pieced center in the blocks and sashing. Stippled in the black outer border and still undetermined on the inner green border.
I'm waiting for it to speak to me.
Sometimes I hear quilt voices in my head.


Anna Banana said...

I hear quilt voices too.... they say things like "buy more fabric" and "that thread is really cool" or "thread is on sale this week, you MUST buy one of every color" even though I already have one of every color. It is quite a mystical experience, these quilt voices and I ALWAYS do what they tell me! :)
How else would I have ended up with Princess Stitchy?

schnoobie said...

Ms Banana:

You are indeed wise to heed what the voices tell you.
I was told just this morning to have pizza and beer for dinner tonight.( reward for quilting my Mom's top so very painstakingly, no doubt!)

Alexis said...

I love the colors in this quilt. Especially the green in the border.

phlegmfatale said...

FABULOUS! What a joyful quilt - that's what it's all about, baby! One of these days, you'll be quilting mine. :)

schnoobie said...


I'm so very looking forward to it my dear!
Thanks for stopping by the Farm to comment!! Chickens say Hi too!!

Patti said...

Ok - here is a comment LOL!

I've had your blog marked for some time now as one I wanted to start reading. Now I'm finally getting the chance - and loving it!

This quilt of your mom's is marvelous - my favorite of all kind of quilt. Your quilting looks great. Haven't read far enough to know whether you do this on your domestic machine or whether or have a long arm. I'm guessing domestic - or you are extremely talented with a ruler on your longarm LOL!

Can hardly wait to read more.

Patti said...

OK - as soon as I left that last comment I thought "Why haven't you started by reading her 'about me' info?" So I did - and learn you have a longarm. And obviously like me (watch - I'll read further and learn this observation isn't true and that I've put my foot in my mouth once again) you like to quilt in a traditional manner. Many would have put a pantograph all over this nine patch. No way - the diagonal lines are 100 times harder on a longarm but so much more appropriate to this quilt! Either than or something like a Baptist Fan. Obviously you've been doing this a long time - your long lines are perfect!

schnoobie said...

Thanks so much for visiting The Farm and having the guts to comment!!And thanks again for the compliment and observation of the crosshatch VS. allover panto!! Indeed I am a bit of a "purist" when it comes to quilting . (if thats even possible for a longarmer...) I havent ever done a panto and prefer traditional quilting (only cotton thread!)when at all possible. Not to mention this is my MOTHERS top and I owed her ...Plus its gonna end up MINE in the end!LOL!I just spoke with her yesterday and she was almost done pulling threads!!!!!!