Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moving Right Along.......

Well ALMOST!!!
I've got 2 more rows to go.
Here are examples of real machine (longarm quilting top and bottom)
The middle pic is odd/interesting. Looks like someone was wanting to know what some hand quilted stitches would look like.
"Faux Quilting" I guess, because there are no other layers joined by these stitches.
I thought it would be interesting to document because you know .....
I'm going to have to RIP THEM OUT!
My quilting progress isn't as far as it should be because yesterday was "one of those days".
I'm blaming it on the impending full moon.
And the fact that I had a kind of pointy heavy frozen thing(rigid ice pack family size!) fall out of the freezer and hit me on the back of the head . It was hurty and must have affected my judgement because I threw up my hands ( on the quilting and STOOPID INTER-NOT!!) and ended up watching some ridiculous thing on "Fashion Week" and a Bridal thing.
I know.
Someone check to see if some alien being has taken over my person.
We went back and forth between some 80's rock band movie with Marky Mark(when he WAS) AND jENNIFER aNISTON (again, I know!!!??????) and the geek gaming chanel featuring the Halo release freak show shenannigans.
I think I'm back to "normal" today. (define normal!) A friend of mine called up needing some moral support in exchange for lunch.
It did us both some good to get the hell out of the house, and the beers didn't hurt either.
I returned just in time for the internet guy to show up and did not hesitate to walk up to his vehicle,smack it on the window well and inform him that if he didn't fix my internet connection I was taking HIM HOSTAGE.
( all very charming and delightfully of course!!)
So far so good cause I'm bloggin again kids.. Later!!!!!


Anna Banana said...

Welcome back to the internet. I have one question.....did the quilt voices know you were watching Fashion Week????

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:

I'm not sure they cared!! When I left the studio they were arguing with each other....something about getting a job vs. staying home and quilting...?

phlegmfatale said...

That Rock Star movie is kind of terrible and kind of mesmerizing all at the same time, innit? It's like a tractor beam for me. Did you know it's based on the story of Judas Priest? Their gay singer left in a huff, and they hired a tribute band singer...

Marky's character is so dorky - obsessed with the stitching on the reproduction garments, etc. Like a little kid.