Thursday, September 13, 2007


(unrelated quilt pic!)
A couple of things today:
I am plodding and I do mean PLODDING along at getting the afore quilt mentioned.
I thought I would be brilliant(!) on Monday and went down to my local library. I finally got a library card(i've only been here 7 years ok??) and proceeded to check out some audio books and perused the shelves looking for written works on creativity.
I've heard other quilters and artists enjoy the audio because it gives their brain something to do while their hands are busy. ( I really NEED something to keep me focused once the design decisions are made)This would also keep me from checking the internet cause I'm trying to feed my brain cell. ( I only got 1 but its HUNGRY!!!)
I plowed through all 3 of the audio books ( on cassette TAPES yall)the selection wasn't huge at the library....but I did get something out of each one.
Just recently I joined Audible..they had a special intro deal for 3 months and I was perusing my first free choice. Then I remembered I had a set of cassettes by Dr Phil....somewhere.....I found them and busteed them out.I had never listened to them! Wow! 5 90 minute tapes..I was excited to be able to keep improving my brain cell whilst I plodded along.
Maybe I was at my improvement capacity for 1 brain cell,( having just finished a self -development marathon!!)but by the time I got to # 3 tape I couldn't handle it anymore. What was wierd was Dr. Phil KNEW HE WAS BEING OVERBEARING because he mentioned,sounding harsh; not being negative, just a REALIST.
Like he knew at this point people were going to shut him off. Which is exactly what I did. I do like Dr.Phil....especially his abrupt, no nonsense let's get to the point RIGHT NOW approach.....but not for extended periods of time.
I've managed to stop the swelling and bleeding from the audible brow beating! Thanks doc!

and for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT..............
MY blog is rapidly approaching the devils number of hits. What puzzles me is the HUGE AMOUT OF LURKERS and so very few posters. I for one am a poster especially when there are few comments.I've almost ALWAYS got SOMETHING TO SAY.( I know blahblahblah) I's just nice to know someone OUT THERE is willing to COMMUNICATE.
Tell me your favorite audio book.....or chip dip!!!
Ask me the difference between a QUILT and a BLANKET!!
It matters not!! What is important is that we are creating DIALOG...
Help me out a little here. I know that you can!


Anna Banana said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but.....I have noticed a trend lately among the blogs I read. Those with high numbers of comments are giving away prizes! I kid you not. I only follow 15-20 blogs on an (almost) daily basis, and 2 of those have contests on them.

If I have to pay people to read my blog, well, it ain't gonna happen. People should be paying ME for my delightful insights into the human experience. :)

Also, I would love to know more about this Audible.

just doin my part.....

schnoobie said...

Ms. Banana:

You know I ALMOST offered a prize.....but I agree.....I shouldn't have to BRIBE people into scintillating dialogue!!Not to mention my generous quilt related content. Audible .com is a website where can download audio books(to device or pc). I think you have to join as a memeber but they have a special right now where you pay 7 something for 3 months each and get 1 credit for a free download each month. so basically you get a free download each month of you new 3 month membership. They have a huge list to choose from and you can listen to a sample before you buy but again you have to be a member.No shipping charges cause you download it.

Alexis the City Girl Quilter said...

I love audio books on long car trips. We've done the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter, and the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. I also enjoyed Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowel. But when I'm quilting, I'd rather blast tunes than listen to a book.

schnoobie said...

Thanks for the comment!!I'm hoping to get to being able to listen to "pure audio enjoyment" soon..I've got a lot of mental work to do first however......I may be taking a F.A.R.T.(fabric aquisition road trip)next week
but we will probably be running out mouths the entire time!!Thanks again for stopping by the Farm!!