Thursday, November 01, 2007

" out here in the fields, I farm for my meals........"

"I get my back into my living....."
Wait!! What's that rumbling noise??
Now if you know me at all, you know I love me some farm equipment.
I ran like mad for my camera. It was all I could do to not run up to the driver,all excited jumping up and down and beg to ride with him!!!
My adult senses got the best of me and I figured the next best thing would be to just blog about it!!!( Bummer!!that's sooooo not even close!)
Back in the "working in Chicago days" I would come home @ 7 p.m. to darkness and sometimes miss the fact that my field had been picked.
Once I even got to drive a combine while picking corn! That was EXCITEMENT!!
I was so thrilled with my new experience and was eager to tell my coworkers the next day.
They just didn't get it. Not even that but most of them had no idea what a "COMBINE" was. Just one of many city-dwellers-don't-get-the-farmy-thing moments that used to happen quite frequently actually!!
I finally got smart and started selling them "blooming weeds" in their farm fresh cut flower arrangements that I would schlep in every week on the train. It was a huge pain but a nice bit of extra income.
They loved it. Ate it UP!
I also remember conversations regarding harvesting "wild asparagus" which invoked much fear and concernation in the heart of the city-dwellers. Forget about speaking of your spinach crop for bugs could surely be a problem....not to mention the dirt in which its grown.
Good times.
I can just imagine the !HORROR! my fresh organic eggs would invoke in the hearts of the city-dwellers. They're BROWN! and GREEN!! Unspeakable! Are you sure they're OK to eat????
I always used to say to them when the end of the world is near and your neighborhood Starbucks runs out of Latte' fixins and pastry , you'll be showin up to harvest that "wild aparagus" down here on the farm.
Right after you take your turn manning "the shotgun in the window" shift.
Can you tell I'm thinking about the new season of "Jericho"??
And I must apologize for the lack of new posts.
I've been struggling to acclimate to a new job and time schedule.
Pre-Up-with-the-Chickens time. Still Dark.Power nap when I come home.
Painful and definately cramping my style in so many ways.
I let the last finished quilt out the door without any pics(NAR!) thinking I would just get shots of the second identical one. Which is still in progress.
oh yeah ...a not so closet pyro friend called whilst I was blogging all this and told him of the news that the field was being cut.
His first response?
GOOD!! That means now we don't have to wait till December to burn the pile!!!!


lunachick said...

I can totally relate to the adjusting-to-a-new-job thing. I too am having to get up earlier to get to work later! I hate that but really like the people I work with, when I see them. Great pictures! My roots are in Iowa and even though I have lived in a "big city" my whole life, we visited my home state of Iowa often and you can't help but see farms up there! When my kindergarten class that I taught took a field trip the "the farm" I almost laughed at how unfarmlike it really was. It was like a farm for tourists! Or a petting zoo farm. And Texas isn't exactly devoid of farms, it was just easier to go to this "pretend farm" than to drive all the way to a "real farm" At least I grew up knowing that eggs come first from chickens, not just from the grocery store, as most of my kinder kiddos thought. Great pictures.

Anna Banana said...

now that I know how much you love farm bout I post a pic of my Kubota L2350 tractor with front end loader?? Once hubby is out of the hospital I mean. There is just somethin about that Kubota orange.....

schnoobie said...

Thanks for the comment!! When I was almost done with the blog a "big green JD" showed up and was getting ready to pull away after hiching up some sort of attachment. Not sure field is only 4 acres....I'm sure they think I'm a real nutjob for taking so many pics!!Yeah "agritourism" is sprouting up all over. We're getting ready to join the bandwagon as soon as we can find a piano for my trick chicken to practice on!!

schnoobie said...

Ms Banana:
My first tractor driving experience was on a Kubota! I was working at a greenhouse and one of the landscapers was trying to teach me how to scoop mulch into the bucket. I can still remember how excited I was after the fact. In fact I'm such a geek , we're going to watch "The Greatest Tractor Show on Earth Ever" tonight from Netflix.yeay!

atet said...

Hehehe -- oh the joys of city dwellers dealing with those who live anywhere but Chicago (or the burbs). I don't live on a farm -- just a small town plunked in the middle of a cornfield -- but I would get the same reactions when I lived downtown and mentioned coming "home" for a weekend. I loved the reactions during corn season when I'd bring in fresh from the local farm stands -- priceless.