Thursday, November 08, 2007

Log Cabin #2 and QUILT SHOW ALERT!!!!!

I've been working on this:
the second yellow and red log cabin for a new customer. The two matching quilts are for her grandchildrens beds at her home.
The first one was finished just as she was coming to pick it up and went out the door without pics ; I didn't want to post anything until she saw the final product.
I have to say I've really enjoyed quilting these also. I've just fallen in LOVE with this color combo and want to somehow do something for myself in these hues.
I'll just ADD IT TO MY LIST!!!
QUILT SHOW this weekend in Schaumberg,IL at the rennaisance center(?).
My Guild is taking a bus full of ladies up for a big fat day of quilt related
festivities and stash enhancement....... You know!!!!!
F.A.R.T. !!!!(fabric aquisition road trip)
Unfortunately I will have to be satisfied with just drooling and fondling( maybe some sniffing?!FOR SURE SNIFFLING!!) only........
(See previous blog regarding large shiny expensive necessary equipment.....)
So So Sad Schnoobie!:(


mumsy said...

Loved the quilting on the red log cabin quilt. can you bring it to guild wednesday? love the colored bead scissor holder too.
better not leave it unattended!!

schnoobie said...

Of course I would LOVE to bring this quilt to Guild...unfortunately....I need to return it to its original owner before then. As far as the beaded scissor holder..... I can give you the name of quilter who can make one just for you!!!!
Leggo my Eggo..( speaking of, 5 is now the record to beat!)

Lisa said...

Love the scissor leash. I may have to have one soon. Beautiful job quilting.

schnoobie said...

Thanks for stopping by the farm! And thanks for the comment and compliment!!!!!!!!

Anna Banana said...

I just hate it when home repair costs cut into the FARTing.

pearljan said...

hey, hey...finally registered so that i could comment on your blog. love the quilting you are doing on this. sure hope that you publish the finished photo before giving it to your customer. good work; very creative.

atet said...

The quilt is lovely! (and so is the Safari one). Hope you had a great time at the Schaumburg show -- even if you did have to spend the $$ for fabric on a silly little thing like a pump so you can have water in your house.

schnoobie said...

Thanks!!I can so set you up with the scissor leash thing!!!
Ms. Banana;
Word!! to your mother!!!
Glad to see you finally de-lurked, thanks for the snaps....
We Did have a good time at the Schaumburg show.See next post for gory details!!

Lisa said...

I would love a hook up on the leash. My blog is at or you could e-mail me at Glad to her you enjoyed the quilt show.