Saturday, October 13, 2007

Americauna Egg #1!!

One of the "girls" pictured has givin it up! #1 in the race for the first egg!!
Aruacana/Americuana chickens lay pale Blue and Green Eggs. Just ask Martha.
This one is a lovely pale dusty green. I tried to give you some sense of color with the pink yarns. Its a "pullet" egg and it's smaller than an adult egg.
Although I was surprised at how big it was. I was Egg-specting something even smaller, but what do I know?? I'm a first-time Chicken Mama!
Buffington has been jumping on top of the girls lately we just noticed. Today he has been extra vocal....really Doodle doo-ing it up!! (typical guy:"I'm so great !!!Look what I did!! Let me tell you how great I am!!!)
So I guess this means we will be having more eggs than we need and will be able to finally start selling them!!
They are ORGANIC,SEMI-FREE RANGE( for safety reasons but very happy, just ask them!)and probably FERTILIZED!!
If anyone is interested let me know.
$1 for 6 OR $2 for one Dozen . Cash and Carry only!!


mumsy said...

oh my gosh!
my first grandma egg.
what shall we name it.does this
mean free eggs for all us quilting


Anna Banana said...

Do you deliver?

schnoobie said...

Uh that's GREAT GRANDMA egg!!I'll trade you eggs for fabric.

Ms. Banana:
Yup!! Egg Egg-Spress to Quilt Fest 07 or BUST!!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Congratulations! How long was she in labor? He he.
I wish I lived closer so I could buy some.

schnoobie said...

Mrs. Robinson:
Too Bad your mail service isn't so lame cause I 'd send you some!! hahah. So far only one still as of this early am.I'm sure I will have to check several times a day until one of them learns how to tell time.( and teaches the rest)