Monday, July 03, 2006

Hello Again!!!!!

Well.... It's been a few months since I've had the chance to get going on the ol blogger and I do apologize.......
Stuff has been going on:
frog poo on my spigot,
flowers bloomin and ..........mostly workin at the greenhouse( full-time plus hours!!) the past months also.....
getting ready for my guild quilt show(finishing client quilts,sewing hanging sleeves on my own, getting my stuff together for my vendor booth!) that has now come and gone............. so I have been busy!!!!!!

The above 2 purple flowers are lovies I've brought home from the greenhouse....passion flower vine and a delphinium. Needless to say I've drug home quite a few specimens ..especially when the 50% off hit ( we don't get a discount normally...shame on my boss!!) Today I called off , thunderstorms predicted and I hate being in that greenhouse during a storm!!!!!!! My last day is Thursday anyway .Next week I go back to Chicago to work at the Merchandise Mart for Hinson and Co......they are expanding and remodeling their showroom space and were in need of some experienced temporary merchandising help . This should be fun because I will be working with and across the hall from previous co-workers... I couldn't ask for a better temporary gig!!Uh.... not to mention all the discontinued fabric samples I get to drag home!!Tragic, really!!!


Mrs. Robinson said...

She's back!!!
I almost fell off my chair. I check the blog all the time like a big loser and WOW. She's back!!
Love the foggy. He's just chillin'.

schnoobie said...

Thanks for caring Darlin! Hope you and your honey had a lovely picnic!

phlegmfatale said...

Wow, I have the sister of that passion flower, and delphiniums rank among my all-time favorites - blue petals like that absolutely break my heart! And don't you look splendid in your native habitat? Glad you'll be reaping the benefits of the new/old work environment but under slightly different circumstances.
Someone I knew used to bring me fabric samples from the market center in Dallas and though they're not appropriate for quilting, I have a lifetime's worth of fabric for glorious and decadent projects. Plus, you know the drill--it doesn't matter if I ever use it. I just need to have it around!

schnoobie said... flowers are my absolute fave!! I think I ended up with 5 different varieties of the Delphiniums...not to mention a few shades of the Lobelias we also had. One of these days I will post a pic of my "Fabric Mountain" ....Mrs Robinson knows!!! She took a pic a while ago that should have had me committed. Guess I will have to reinforce my floor ..( sigh!)