Monday, April 24, 2006


Well the ol Blogger had some issues today. Naturally!
Cause I had prepared a farm fresh Springy ode to the old Polish lady who planted tons of stuff in her barefeet half a century ago in this very locale.
Sniff!'s a little tip for all you XXL coffee drinkers who may have to mix up yer morning caffeine in the studio.
Without a large wooden spoon don't cha know!
This has been working for me for 2 weeks now.
Inkpens just weren't tall enough!!
Yet another reason to sing the praises of knitting.
So here's a mini indoor Spring thing.
Note the Rosemary in the discarded Penland pottery,the Jack -in-the- Pulpit to the left and the 2 very lovely and juicy Columbine in the foreground.
Please ignore the beat-up-left-over-from-Chicago-days-coffee-mug.
The 5-gallon buckets just weren't so portable.


schnoobie said...

Whoops!!!!! oh happy surpise....guess I didnt lose that first one after all!

phlegmfatale said...

ooooh, pretty! I LOVE columbines!

quiltdeere said...

ok ok now that I can post a coment
write something new get busy and quilt the show is only a month and a few days away.