Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well Hey and Yeay!

Tomorrow is my last day at the greenhouse ! That's a good thing because today was painfully stupid. Mostly because I have "somewhere else brain". You know.... when you've finally made the decision to go on vacation , move on ,change your hairdo, get a new car...whatever!!I't almost impossible for me to focus on the present because I'm too busy wondering and planning for the big thing thats coming up!!In this case its not so much a big thing, but the next thing!!I will miss the view across the street. I watched the farmer pick up those hay bales 2 at a time and then fly across the field to put them all in a row. I mean that tractor was screamin!
All this week the boss has been giving away flats of annuals with any purchase of 25$ or more( which is really 50$ because everything is half off....) boy, people were just thrilled when they found out. ( I was instructed not to tell them until they had actually made the purchase, because I'm so sure the customer would stop at 25$ .....) my boss is not a retail wiz fact he is one of those people who come out smelling like a rose despite himself. ( Top notch staff and sales crew no doubt!!!) So in retrospect.....I think it was a positive experience overall. I made some new friends, bought some more perennials(on sale!!) for my cut flower farm plans... and got an awesome( but slightly wierd ) tan . If I do it again next year,I know things would have to change. The line would have to be drawn somewhere regarding overtime. We did not get extra pay for over 40 hours, not to mention the lack of discount for employees. This is unheard of in my many many years of retail experience. I wanted to try selling at the the European Market(farmers market) this year but was unable to even have a normal life this past Spring. Due mostly to the insane greenhouse hours and the quilt show on top of it all. But hey live and learn right ?? Well..... hopefully!!!Speaking of ........on to Chicago and the daily drama that is

This should be fun for awhile , I hope.Let us keep our fingers crossed that I don't run into my ex-bosses lest I tell them exactly what I think of their dysfuntional duo and the sleezeball they still pimp themselves out for. Me bitter? Nah!

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