Monday, April 03, 2006

Sproing!!( Life is short... Stay out of Knox, Indiana ! )

Well yeay! SPRING! It finally showed up for a day! Here are just a few of the lovilies blooming here at the farm.

And as you can see the dogs were happy for the promise of better outside conditions.( they have inside heated quarters,too if they so choose)

I managed to get a few wheel barrow loads of willow sticks picked up ( tons yet to get to later...)

When Dougie came home a bit early and forced me( hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!) to go for a ride on the bike.He really had to twist my arm.OK! OK! Ouch! that hurts!Stop! I said OK! !!!!!!!!!not!

We took a ride down to N. Judson to Bailey's Discount Warehouse, looking for surplus bathroom stuff. I had heard tales of aisles and aisles of beef jerky but was quite disappointed. Must have been an urban( well maybe not so urban) myth.
I did find (at bargain prices!) :


Quite the selection of Halloween 05 candy( Fresh Gummy Lifesavers!)I put the Giradelli chocolate back on the shelf...

Foodservice size cappacino mix ( hard to find Pumpkin flavor!had to try..)

Bath and Beauty Products: 10 bar(2 bonus!) count Dial Citrus Sensation Soap.....
Healing Garden Green Tea Therapy( my fave!!) gift set:cologne
and shower gel!
Needless to say, I got over the lack of beef jerky selection.

But the most remarkable thing about this outing was the encounter at the Knox Burger King.
Doug had parked the bike in front after getting some gas . We had just sat down to inhale our burgers when in walks this woman.She walks up to us and asks if it was our bike.Well yes .( duh those are helmets on our table)She then proceeds to inform us of her recent motorcycle upgrade( which up to this point is typical biker chit -chat) But then....... goes into how she had 5 miscarriages, a brain aneurism,was in a coma for months,came home, was in diapers,couldn't talk or walk...(20 minutes later, we had finished eating!) and is now riding her own Harley. Pretty amazing stuff( if it was true..) makes me want to ride my own........
If I hadn't stood up to put my jackets on, we would still be there listening to her story.
On the way home I was commenting on the encounter.
Naturally I was amazed by the incident.
Doug insists stuff like that happens in Knox all the time.
I'm thinking we were just a fresh audience!


Mrs. Robinson said...

Are you sure you were in Knox? Sounds a little like an episode of Twin Peaks.
Spring looks fantastic at your does your honey!

schnoobie said...

Twin Peaks was waaaay cooler my dear. This was just plain ol' south of 30 wierdness!!!!

Anna Banana said...

Ok, so I am a moron! I keep checking your blog, or I thought I was....turns out I had bookmarked your Shipshewanah entry instead of your home page. And all this time I thought you were just too busy serving up fries to post. I'll have to return the college diploma I guess.
I like your pictures. AND you did a terrific job on the Hawaiian quilt. For some reason my quilting business is suddenly booming. I went from 4 calls per YEAR to 4 in a day!!!! Don't know why, I think word must have gotten out that this Banana is moving. Suddenly they all WANT me. ????? I am happy. Tomorrow a customer is bringing me his "prize" quilt. I don't know what that means exactly, but it sounds like a lot of pressure :)

Knox, Indiana....never heard of it, but thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to steer clear. Do you think it could be spring fever???

schnoobie said...

Go figure Anna Banana! This long-arming stuff is sooo unpredictable! Naturally the world wants you when you're more unavailable than usual.Don't freak out about the "prize quilt"...that could mean a lot of things. I'm sure you can put the icing on it anyhow!Spring Fever is seriously running rampant in these here parts... but.... Knox is just wierdness 24/7 baby!

phlegmfatale said...

it's amazing what intimate details people will spill their guts about, isn't it? The flowers are beautiful, and it looks like it was a pretty day for a ride - good for you, hon!