Monday, April 24, 2006

Ode to Mrs. Pudlo

Back in The Day........circa 1949 Mr. and Mrs Pudlo built this house on the chunk of property that is now my farm, my neighbors property and a few acres that are owned and farmed by the neighbors down the road. Mrs. (Grandma) Hay across the road proclaims that Mrs. Pudlo used to garden in her bare feet. She could be found most days doing this.
I had heard tales of the colorful bulbs that would pop out every spring and this cemented my will to own this place.
The yard had a lot of random planted tree and bush wierdness, the driveway was completely overgrown but I couldnt wait to see what a new season would bring.

There are tons of tulip, daffodil and narcissus bulbs, violets, peonies, sweetpeas,and garlic growing in a spot I call "My Meadow". I have been plucking away at 50 plus years of
garlic overgrowth and various weeds.Some years more than others.This Spring has been the most abundant I can remember.
Or maybe its because
now that I am not working in the city, I have been able to enjoy the daily flora and fauna surprises that happen here at my farm.
I am looking forward to spending more time restoring and adding to Mrs. Pudlos work.
Once Spring hits its almost imposible for me to remain inside ,but I have quilts with deadlines and the least amount of housework I can get away with!!
What's that?
I hear my windowboxes calling to me ,pleading to be planted!!!
OK!OK! Twist my arm, but after I get some quilting in!!!

My Larch is larching!! According to the local nursery owner these trees, this size, in this area is rare!They are more common in the Northwest area of the country. Lucky me!!And they produce the cutest mini pinecones!!


weirdbunny said...

What a lovely garden, I'm always amazed from one year to the next, when I see things growing and sprouting that I'd planted the year before and forgotten about.

schnoobie said...

Thanks for the comment!!I'm always amazed to see what Mother Nature decides to add to my yard and driveway!I have a small carpet of morning glory starts next to my studio entrance spot.....