Thursday, March 23, 2006


Tax preparer before the Gin& Xanex flight...
Well kids......I finally did it!
I quit my job Tuesday.It's OK really!!
My tax professional gave me permission.
(Thanks Mom!!)
So.....let's make a list of the things I won't miss!
1. Wearing a blue hair bonnet.(sexy!)
2. Dried out ,cracking skin on my hands.
3.Puree'd meat of any variety.
4.Chunks of food schrapnel on my person.
5.Melanie, queen bitch and mental abuser.
6.Improper verbage.(have tooken,ain't got)
7.Daily wearing of support hose.
8.Coming home with wet shirt,pants,grundies.
9.Making less than 200 a week.
10.Cleaning and changing the oil in the deep fryer twice a month.
11.Emptying the garbage cans.
12. Taking out the garbage and recycling.
13. Having to scream just to be heard.
14. Cuts on my hands from stainless steel pans.
15. The daily downward spiral into negative mental self-imagery.(LOSER!!!!!)
16. Physical and mental exhaustion resulting from #15
17. Feelings of hopelessness resulting from #15 and #16
3.Bacon ,Bacon,Bacon
4.That deeelish lemon custard layer cake thing.
5.Feeling intellectually superior on a daily basis.

Let's just say that I have been enjoying my newfound freedom immensely!!.I have been discovering new blogs with even more inspirational content.Which in turn leads to new ideas and possibilities for the future.I took a short roadtrip with a fellow long-armer today and we tossed around some ideas for our up and coming dog-and-pony-show for the quilt guild circuit.Not to mention ideas for saleable goods and educational opportunities and offerings.

I guess I could say that this job gave me the thing I needed to get back on the right track.
Motivation!!!To get out and focus on what makes me inspired and energized.It's amazing how much energy that job took out of me and how much I have now without it sucking me dry.

This also prompts me to remind everyone to listen to the good advice your tax preparer may give you.Especially if it's your mom!!


Mrs. Robinson said...

Oh my God! Well, first of all...congratulations are in order. Second....I can't tell you how jealous I am. There's got to be a better, healthier way to make a buck. I love the list of things you wont miss! That's classic!!

phlegmfatale said...

wow - I'm so happy for you - it's a gutsy thing to do, and I'm sure you'll be rewarded for it in too many ways to count.

schnoobie said...

Thanks ladies!!
I gotta tell is GOOD again!I have a list (there goes that list thing again!)of creative endeavors I want to accomplish.And....I spent all day yesterday working on a project just for me.(!!)Super practical! Leftover from last spring but almost 95% of the materials I had on hand!(stay tuned)Also I had a CROCUS SIGHTING yesterday!!!Spring really is coming!!!!!!