Friday, March 17, 2006

Laporte County Fair Darling and ramblings......

I love this pic of this goat!!!
2 years ago we were there eating fried cheese and perusing the various animal barns..( cause they MISS ME if I don't come to visit every year..) and I was playing with my new digital camera." Miss Thing "here was obviously ready for her close up!! I went back the next year hoping to find the owner so I could send them a potrait but alas...So she remains a mystery.

Seems i've been in a funk lately(still!) I worked myself into a rightous fit of mad most of the day
at work. I was ready to walk at the slightest off color comment or glance.
Could have just been low blood sugar.HUH! Or maybe the fact that my job(HATE! HATE!HATE!IT!!!) is making me feel like a moron.(cause I am,cause I'm still doing it) I did work on my new knitting project briefly at lunch .......but .........How bout that full moon? Well, now THAT sure as hell doesn't help but makes better sense of things. For today anyway!
I stopped by the house-with-the-cats on the way home and treated them to some DELISH FISH leftovers...and when I pushed in the brake to put the ol truck in R....the pedal went all the way to the floor! And as you all know ,as they say in these here parts, THAT AINT GOOD!

So.........Poor Dougie Fresh will be starting his vacation with an early haul- my -ass- to- work and then to the auto parts store.I still can't believe he doesn't curse the day he met me and my never ending lawnmower/house/vehicle /pet repair predicaments.

I have been inspired almost daily( BIG HUGE YEEEEAY!) by the creative people out there sharing and blogging .I think back to the time when there wasn't this internet option .And it was a dark time indeed. How did you find people to connect with, talk shop with?It was so exciting when and IF you did and hopefully they didn't think you were a freak because you were just too excited beyond words and hoped your head didn't explode in their face because you could hardly contain yourself!!

So now I'm cranked and ready to start dyeing again!!I want to begin with something I can use in my knitting...hopefully sell at the quilt show in June.....I've got a ton of ideas,been researching wholesale dyeable yarn sources but no $ for implementation.It's the proverbial catch 22.And it's been messin with my serenity.So less blogs cause I don't want to bum anyone out.Positive people...... Im tryin to stay POSITIVE!!!

So go ahead and send cash or checks or chocolate or cheddar chex mix (the 4 C's!) to help support this" Struggling Artists Midlife Crisis Fund".For every donation received you will get a !Free!!!!!!!Flaming-Bag-O-Cat-Poo Kit!!!!! NO Muss NO Fuss!!!!!!!!!Just Light and Toss.... on the overpaid elected government officials doorstep of Your Choice!!!! Act Now!!!
You must be 18 or older ...Size,color and quantity may vary..
freshness Not guaranteed....One offer per household per day please...


Mrs. Robinson said...

If I send a donation can I opt out of the Cat Poo bonus. I have plenty.

phlegmfatale said...

I LOVE that slutty goat! Cuuuuuute!

quiltdeere said...

ha ha ha get busy with my 9 patch