Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Is it SPRING yet?

It happens every year... right around this time. Usually I could blame it on the lack of sunlight,but this year has been very unusual. Instead of counting the days without it....I've lost track of how many days we've actually had sunny blue skies.Im not complaining..I wish winters around here were always like this.

I feel like I'm stuck in this major rut!

Maybe its just cabin fever.I'm even tired of being in my studio. I haven't been out does not count!! My first clue was when I drove over to Mich City to the Hob Lob to meet a new client and pick up a quilt top. It was like I had been set free!! I went to Meijer and poked around at the yarn( shah!) and found the generic dayrunner calendar stuff I was looking for...and then just to make sure I went to Office Max to get the other size I needed....That was last week. I certainly havent been as productive as I would like. Poking around on the internet ,researching undyed yarn suppliers, art quilt bloggers in Florida.....I did some updating of my website but I'm still in the template mode.And I was sick yesterday.

I have a million things I could be doing....just stuck in a Funk....
I have to get this Russian quilt done....tomorrow!
Ok!!!! Im going to fight Funk with Funk... tomorrow I am going to find a radio station that will get me movin...there's got to be something on Sirius radio.....Funky Funky but Chic...!
Funky But Funky But Alright alright alright alright!!!!! that's it !! I'm on the right track now!!

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phlegmfatale said...

I love love love this posie quilt! I just pieced my first quilt last year, and I'm about to start hand-quilting it one of these days. Husband said he'll photograph it and I'll post it on my blog. Thanks for coming by! I'm glad I'm not the only one with embarrassing pee stories!