Monday, March 06, 2006

Is it Any Wonder????


Today I had to take the just finished -under-the-wire- Russian Quilt to the Post Office.( No this isnt it! See previous post"From Russia with Love") Since I had to work and the P.O. is just across the street I took it to work and planned on shipping it during one of my breaks.One creative co-worker in particular I knew would be interested .So I brought it to show her and she did seem to enjoy seeing it. Now I have to ask often do you get to see a handcrafted item from Russia?? In person? At your work? Now I know these weren't the usual audience of quilt guild members.And I know this is Monday morning at 8:00 am. I didn't bring it because I have to have attention brought to every stinking thing I create or quilt.There were 3 positive responses. One asked me more questions and actually knew what a long-arm was!The rest of the groups response was akin to any reaction associated with...... oh say......a lint roller.(But not the waay cool big paint roller ones!)

Is it any wonder I search the internet daily just to visit the sites of the people doing, making,teaching, musing creating and inspiring through sharing their passion?

Today on the "Fibermania!" site Melody was singing the praises of connecting with her students.That's it in a nutshell. Connecting and sharing =inspiration.

I know I have to be in the same proximity of these co-workers. I do try to make the best out of it everyday.Today was the realization of what I knew I previously suspected but tried to ignore.

I still gotta get out of there!


phlegmfatale said...

It's called pearls before swine, darling. They just don't get it. And frankly, lots of people have a pitiful inabiity to recognize fine craftsmanship even if it hits them over the head. Be glad for the few who were appreciative and respectful.

Mrs. Robinson said...

Oh honey, Don't expect too much. Most of those folks your working with might not know what to do with something outside their comfort zone....Jerry Springer, Hamburger Helper, Top 40 radio. Art quilts made in Russia? Huh??
Soooooo good to hear 'bout your comings and goings this way!!

schnoobie said...

You lovely ladies hit the proverbial nail on the head. Thanks for the much needed reality check.Next we will address the "who's Truman Capote?' question.I know I should be running screaming the other way....