Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Outta Control Winter Quarter 06

So sorry Mrs. Robinson!!! I know its been over a month since I've felt like I could take the time for the luxury of blogging.
I'm feeling like my life has gotten away from me.
Working In the BIG CITY has affected me in more negative ways than I had ever experienced or imagined.
The drama, oy the DRAAAMAAAA!!!the reality of the 6th floor just cannot exist without it!
For some reason my body is not adjusting to the "get my sleep in chunks mode"(4.5 hours at home.2 in the am commute.2 in the pm =8?) ..which in turn has affected my everyday not for profit(putting laundry away,general houskeeping ,cooking hahahah) AND second job tasks(getting these customer quilts done on time ...you too mom! promise!!)
Of course the neverending darkness is the constant struggle but it feels like February already folks!!!!!!
My company promised health care benefits by Oct. 1st. Well............the insurance broker called today to say they are going to call my Dr with my info .Because I live on another planet, INDIANA, there was a problem.A 3WEEK DELAY WAITING FOR BENIFITS PROBLEM! So I can get there and get my Asthma meds (I have called off the past two days due to the 10 block haul to and fro which makes my lungs shut) and return to the urban working world.
This was mostly me making a stand because cripe , I was sick of being jerked around!!
I decided to open up an Ebay store(FabricFarmgirl) to sell off those lovely pieces of fabric I've been dragging home from work AGAIN . These are the ones I'm not keeping for myself obviously,but delicious enough to offer up to a good home.I tried this when I first lost my job over a year ago and forgot how time consuming it is.SO! I've got ONE LISTING so far!!! yeah!! Only took me all dang day!!
I did get others ironed and photographed and descriptions roughed out though,ready for listing.

Will I ever feel like I've got a grip on something?Maybe its not having a feeling of ever being done, or not having a feeling of accomplishment?Don't get me wrong!! I AM NOT A PERFECTIONIST by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not whining because my sheets arent pressed. I just don't want to have to use heavy equipment to try and dig them out.
Am I ineffective? Should I stop comparing my accomplishments (more like lack there of) to others??Will I ever feel like I've got a handle on things?Will anyone even bid on my fabric listings? PS sorry no pics!whats up w/da blogger anyway??
Any and all advice is welcome!............

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