Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Enuf I Said!!!

Mrs Robinson sent me an e-mail today with the announcement that she just couldn't take a certain "Fiber" blog today and she was removing it from her book mark list.

Well! It's sooooo overdue....
I must concur and you shant see the button here no mo.
Can't deal with the pedictable rainbow pallette and bad furniture gallery "paintings".
Like anybody reads this and knows what the hell I'm referring to anyway!?

( Dont hate me cause I'm waaaaaay sexy..I looked this way cause I turned 40!!!! 3 times that weekend !!!!!! anyway...........)

Yesterday I found out that a co-worker (24 , brand new to the industry...great kid don't get me wrong....) makes a couple thousand more a year than I do.


Ok I know its a different job ..but I've been in the "Industry" for 7+ years......Degree in Textiles... (have been a spell check and terminology coach to previously mentioned co-worker since)

Not to mention another temp co-worker (whom the VP knows has come in smelling like booze on several occasions ....and has joked about it to the above co-worker)
we shall call him "Playa" is next in line by default (if coorperate gets their way and eliminates the regular guy) to be the next Full time employee.

Unless of course The Bears played the night before in which "Playa" is a no show.....

I'm tellin ya its the BUILDING!!!!!!!!!

aND i GOTTA GET OUT if only it werent for the fabric addiction...............
Also I came home and found out Dougs assholebrotherboss fired one of his co-workers today.
It's all sooooo waaaaay too complicated to get into here but lets just say that one certain person could take several years worth of dysfunctional pest control foibles and turn them into a Broadway hit.......
because we all know
Have I mentioned this before?


schnoobie said...

somebody please just say something....ANYTHING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh God,
Somethings never change. Just goes to show you that job performance has NOTHING to do with it.

schnoobie said...

Yeah I've had to adjust my "performance level" a bit. Down a few notches to match the compensation.Doesn't affect the fabric aquisation level however!

phlegmfatale said...

I think that picture is really cute!

That's crap about the shitty, overcompensated co-workers, but it's good if the job feeds your addiction, what you save might make up for thousands of dollars you might have made working elsewhere.