Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shut -Up Date

Well I finally got the phone call from the insurance adjuster. $150 for tree removal..(after the 500 deductable !)huh!pass the steak knives kids ...we should be able to cut this thing up by SPRING!
I AM surprised at the amount for the truck. Just short of the $2000 mark after they deducted the percentage for salvage, and sales tax. yadda.
This means a new used windshield from the junkyard ( hi Dad!) and I drive it till it falls apart.
hello . duh.
Doug took the sledge hammer to the door frames and the inside roof and managed to do a DANDY JOB pounding all dents back to near original.
NOT TO MENTION the brakes he fixed and the super new improved toasty heater coil he replaced for me.
He's a righteous dude!

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phlegmfatale said...

sheesh, I'm glad y'all weren't hurt when that tree fell. Good on you for finding your own way around the problem of vehicle repair, etc. I'd say that tree would be good fire wood, if you let it set a bit.