Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well I got up waaaaay to early this am and have been tragicaly behind on blogging . Here is the latest( last Friday) so not the greatest. Did I mention my insurance company? Hello? Farm Bureau! You suck!!!
I have had to make all the call stinking calls to check up on everybody to see, if indeed ,anything is being done.Dude! That's my truck!
So the auto guy is " guessing " it will be totaled. nice. Let's hope they give me enough $ to buy it back from them plus enough for a new windshield.Still haven't heard about what is up with tree removal $!!!Or if anyone has even come out to look. I sent my agent photos last friday and she still hadn't responded. SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY
Doug's truck was damaged to the tune of @$ 3000. His sprayer tank was completely distroyed.
Thank goodness it just missed my studio!! or worse yet we could have been in the driveway in one of the trucks or on the motorcycle!! OK GOTTA go catch that train to funville. Mo better post later. ya'll. word.

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