Thursday, September 02, 2010

Shipshewana Antique Fair 2010

Once again... I'm behind on my posting... it has a month since we we're actually there...but I wanted to share this years outing with "Blogland".

I love the sign..."Tourists" indeed!

Remeber when these were going for around $1 ?? ...Still always enjoyable to look at..

I believe my great grandmother wore a hat like this to my parents wedding..... I should have bought it and wore it to quilt guild... or at least w-mart!!

This vendor had a fabulous display of Vaseline Glass... and ws so gracious to let me take a few shots...divine!!

... and then there was this mini monster!! I totally missed the shot of him yawning... he was just a baby but what a character!!

Quilts!! This one was at the Antique mall..

No trip to Shipshe is complete withut a visit to see Rebecca Haarer and her drool-worthy selection of wares...... Sandy has thrown self control out the window..... haha

We wrapped up the day with a trip to the mini-burg of Emma , just a few miles out from Shipshe for some old fashioned hand dipped Ice Cream....
call it another BIG FAT DAY!!


artisansgalleryteam said...
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paula said...

thanks for sharing your big fat day, looks like a lot of big fat fun!
you look great in that hat ;)

(sorry i signed in the first time in the wrong person)

schnoobie said...

Its OK Paula.. I was kind of excited to see a new victim on the ol blog.. but figured it was you anyway.....(psst.. next time go ahead and post as makes me feel nore important!!) bwahaha!

LuAnn said...

I missed the antique fair in Shipshewana this year, but I've been there other years. I recognize Rebecca's shop with all the quilts. That's a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for sharing your trip.

schnoobie said...

Theantique part of festival seems to be getting smaller since the economy meltdown but there was still TON of people attending.. plus they had a bicycle race/tour and an antique car show, and A QUILTERS garage sale...Any excuse is a good reason to head to Shipshewana!

Vicki said...

Hey - sounds like you've got the 'pedal to the metal'! What a beautiful weekend - perfect!

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