Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My FAVORITE part......

This is a VINTAGE GFG ( GRANDMOTHERS FLOWER GARDEN ) that I just finished quilting for a Church Raffle.The church is in Portage Indiana and hopefully I will have more information next week as to where to purchase tickets!!( stay tuned!)
It had been hand pieced, was donated to the church and was in great condition.These vintage tops are always my favorite thing to quilt!
I had some trouble with top thread breakage, probably due to the amount of seams every where. This was maddening as I had puposefully used a heavier weight of thread (Aurifil 28) on the top, and quilting on almost every flower had to be restarted. (&*%@*&!!!)
Victory was mine when I actually completed a flower with out breakage . That was maybe a dozen of them!
One of the flowers had been constructed with 3 prints.... which was fun..

I always wonder about the piecer of these lost tops and would hope to believe she would have been pleased with the finished result
But it was too windy today for a leisurely photo shoot and I always like to take my time because more than likely I never ever get to see them again once they leave the farm.
Sometimes ...that is sad because sometimes... of course I want to keep them!
But then that would require a "Quilt Room" that is envoironmentally controlled and closed off to 4 cats that like to take turns barfing on stuff.
Which explains the polarfleece blanket on my bed at the moment.


paula said...

its absolutely beautiful susan, i wish you could be compensated for looks valuable!

Susan Schweikhart said...

The quilt looks awesome. Finding a vintage quilt top in that good of condition isn't easy. Good luck with the raffle.
Thanks for you comment on my blog and have fun with DSP. Let me know how you make out with it.

Kim said...

Susan it is stunning!!! You did great!!! It's gorgeous!

S. Murugappan said...


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