Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ten Long Years in the Making

Last week it hit me.
I was thinking about what project I would be taking to our Annual Winter Quilting retreat in Shipshewana......and I sighed to myself.
I had been dragging this quilt top with me every year since we started going...... and I was annoyed with myself and embarrassed that I still had not finished it.
Everyone else always has new and exciting projects finished and in progress to share when we go....and then theres me and my standard UFO.
Every two years our quilt guild has a show and I always think I'll have it done by then. Or the next show.
I was daydreaming at work looking at the show poster I had taped to my shelf at my desk.This years theme for our show is "Quilts in Bloom" and I had to smack myself upside my head. I thought "if I can't get this thing done for THIS show then I might as well stuff it into a giant ziploc and sell it at the guild flea market!"
And that was it! I was GOING TO GET IT DONE!!!!!( it's only been TEN YEARS..)
I headed to Jo-Anns after work to see what ric-rac they might have that would work with the leaves.... spent an evening auditioning different colors and the rest of the nights after work sewing them on. I was now ready to take this to our retreat,( again!) tape up a design wall, and start calculating how to sew the odd shaped blocks together. ( this started out as a pattern but soon morphed into a free for all with different types of base fabrics in linen and pique in various sizes)
This time this project was my ONLY FOCUS,... and I was a woman on a mission!
I knew if I didn't finish it THERE it wasn't going to happen because of all the quilts I still need to quilt for customers and my Mom in time for the Guild Show.
I'm left with sewing on ric rac for one of the leaves ( because I didnt have the thread color needed with me) and constructing the backing and binding....
Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!


paula said...

i commend are tenacious if not a procrastinator...incredible that 10 years have gone by???
i hope you get it finished, for its sake and yours. it looks lovely already! ps thanks for stopping by, nice to hear from you.

Heather said...

this is gorgeous. I'm glad you pulled it out to complete otherwise I wouldn't have had the pleasure of seeing it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There is joy in pulling out an old friend of a project. Think how many life events it has been through with you! Good luck finishing it, you may miss it when it is complete! :)

廖佳怡 said...
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Helen said...

I'm a little late on commenting on your 10 year quilt, but I'm hoping it is all finished and you are enjoying it. Take care