Sunday, January 03, 2010

f"Hether"ed Heart Tote

Here are some shots of the quilting I did for my friend Hether.
This was exciting because she requested a totebag for herself after seeing the one I did for Polly. Hether and I were roomates way back in the day at Ball State University. We didn't know each other when we started out as roomies but became fast friends after realizing we had a few things in common .
Come to find out just recently ( she confessed to a commentor on my FB page).. I guess I made her laugh so hard she would pee her pants?? Seriously. Who knew?
Hethers last name those days was " Hartzer" and she loved all things pink and hearts ( remember this was the mid 80's, people). When she requested one I knew just what to do: what colors to use and how to quilt it!
Unfortunately I did not get any shots of this constructed ( due to my haste in getting it to her by the Holidays) nor her modeling it, ( but I have requested some of those photos)

I've got a few more totes quilted and in various stages of pre-construction, and will post here in between quilting Mom quilts( and pics of those too) for the Spring Quilt Show....

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paula said...

wow. this is absolutely beautiful....