Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Snow ~ Baad Foto

Sorry no pics of frozen precipitation but believe me when I tell you my front yard is the premier magnet for snow in NW Indiana. I had to bust out the snow boots to get to my truck to find the snow brush so I could clean off my car. Heavy wet stuff and it aint even Halloween yet.
I suffered a bit of ridicule at work because apparantly I came in looking like Nanook Of the North. No snow on the way to work or anywhere near the building.?!
I will be prepared though...last winter the old truck blew a tire at 04;30 am and I had to walk back home on the coldest day we had yet.
so don't even start with me.
We had an ISO compliance meeting today. Nothing exciting but since I was shipped off to a different department today , I went to it before the rest of my usual coworkers.
You would have thought I had come back from some secret SPY mission...some people need to get a life.
Speaking of just that... highlight of my day? : homemade pizza at lunch and ice cream!
Lowpoint? Tack welding brackets for braces for 9 hours.C-O-M-A !
Several weeks ago the entire workplace had their pics taken for new ID badges and security system. There was an expensive looking camera on a tripod and a backdrop and everything. It looked like a real photo shoot. Today we get our new badges which look like they were printed on a home printer set to the rough draft setting. My head looks like a pumpkin. A better shot could have been made by my freakin cell phone.
Speaking of Halloween........
So.Very. Bad. Everybody was complaining about it and tomorrow should be very entertaining checking out the casualties.
I threatened to paste a pic of one of my chickens over my head shot.
(Scroll up and down quickly. See! We all look a LOT alike!)

Seriously! Who could tell the difference ??I'm so sure.
We're all a lovely golden orangey ...


Anna Banana said...

I made myself dizzy scrolling rapidly up and down. I can't tell if you and the chickens look alike or not....the badge photo quality is THAT bad!

schnoobie said...

Yeah ..well...my point EXACTLY my dear !There was a serious uprising at work...how hard is it to use photo editing software????
THEN... he( the photographer extrordinaire) had the nerve to be snappin shots at yesterdays Halloween contest/parade...I told him as I marched by that I wanted this new pic on my ID badge.
I just hope this shot won't ruin my chances for the next "america's top model".

self taught artist said...

your comments touched me deeply.
i feel lucky to have someone come and read my older posts...let alone 'get it'. thanks!
this is a fantastic picture, who knew such beautiful colors existed in a chicken!
i'm not sure what you do for a living...but it's funny to think of you going to work looking like nanook (saw that old movie last year so i can picture you)
word verification: cromical
i read on some blog that the verifications are getting more like real words, and they really are....