Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally!!! Ryann McKenna Farm Quilt Finished!!

Hi !!It's me blogging from the NW Indiana frozen Farmland Tundra
I know it's been quite a while.....
This is a Ryann McKenna quilt I finished a while ago for a client.
Of course I love anything "Farmy" and this one was most certainly qualifying for sure.
Almost every single piece of fabric that was fused on to create the scenes and animals was outlined quilted by me on the longarm.
I think I used more than 26 different colors of thread!!
The fabrics were all batiks
and as some of you (quilters for sure!) know batiks have a higher thread count per inch ( almost like a percale bed sheet) and will leave tiny holes where they are sewn. Another previous unexperienced situation was the compounding of the tight weave of the fabric along with the fusible web times 3 or 4 layers in some areas!!
In my opinion this would have been almost impossible to hand quilt.I would seriously doubt that the pattern would even suggest such a thing!! As I was quilting it on my
industrial strength sounded like I was quilting a DRUM!!
That was a fairly strange sensation....
All in all, it was a fun one to quilt and most of all the owner was very pleased with the finished result. Of course that is the most important concern!!


swooze said...

Gorgeous! I love that quilt and eye the pattern regularly but resist the temptation.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Such a gorgeous pattern as well.