Wednesday, February 20, 2008

27 car and Semi Pileup!!!!!!!!

Here in the "Hoosier Snowbelt" I've had just about enough of this seemingly neverending winter weather!! Sure enough just when you think your situation couldn't possible get any worse ...something like this smacks you across your pathetic little whiny forehead! This happened this morning about 7 miles from where we are directly within eyesight on one of the ways we take to get to Michigan City ,In. Unbelievably only 4 people were injured and no fatalaties...These poor people!! I think I'll shut up about my pathetic situation!
I-94 27 Plus Car/Semi Pile up
Be sure to also click on the link to the video to see what I tried to post as a video clip ( with no success!!)

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Anna Banana said...

YIKES is right! We had something like this happen last month on I-4 near me, only it was caused by a combination of smoke from brush fire and the early morning fog. Several people were killed, and I think 70 some cars and trucks were involved. A whole semi of Priority Mail burned up in the ensuing fire. I was sure glad I hadn't mailed any customer quilts out that week!!!!