Monday, August 07, 2006

Serenity August 2006

This past extended weekend was spent at my family's cottage near Lake Wawasee. It is located in Syracuse, Indiana , dangerously close to an Amish community/quilters heaven in Shipshewana, IN.
Previous posts recorded the time we spent there this past January. This time was especially special because they had a large outside antique fair there. This was the reason why we chose this particular time to go. Not to mention the other attractions and fabric purchasing possibilities in the area. Yoder's .Lolly's. Rebecca Haarer's Antique quilt shop.Fishers Antiques. JoJo's pretzels....HELLO!!!! The rest of the time was spent on the screened porch sewing,solving the world's problems,enjoying the nonstop hummingbird king-of-the-feeder competition and local bird show right outside the porch.Along with a show-and-tell session and a discussion on creativity.Some of the participants were show offs and sewed many small pieces together in a very precise fashion........others preferred the grab slap and sew/ginormous block methods. You all know who you are.Varous types of diets were represented among the participants. From the "rabbit food points "variety to the "no migraines please" as well as the "all snack foods covered in powdered cheese or chocolate and peanut butter all the time let's stop for a "Moolatte" type.
Naturally the best ever cruise around the lake wasn't documented. Let me tell you the water,sky,sunset,blooming mallows were all just about perfect.Every single time I take that cruise I decide to become a millionaire and purchase one of those cottages on the lake . Something modest of course. Which leads me to the second part of this post.

I think I quit my job today. After two discussions with my financial/tax advisor ( hi Mom!) I made the conflicting decision to give up the ultra high profile glamour job in Chicago. Here's the facts.
1. low independant contractor wages.........
2. which means I have to take out my own deductions for 2 state taxes, FICAand my county tax( either save it all now to pay later or just hope I can pay it later) huh!
3.est. 1/3 of wages for above mentioned taxes=unable to pay bills/live /feed animals/pay daily train ( 4hr round trip commute)ticket of $15.40
4. Actual income = about the same I could get working anywhere local.Don't forget I'm working 2 hours just to pay to get there and back.
I went in as usual today before everyone else. My manager probably wasn't going to show till sometime @ 9 . I realized my return train options were severely limited so I wrote her a note and explained my plight.I expressed my desire to negotiate if at all possible also. When I was first approached about the job I was quoted a higher range of possible wages . The final offer however, was below the low end.I accepted anywas mostly because I didn't have any other options and did not know I would be hired as an independent. will be spent quilting, putting laundry away, weeding etc etc...........lalalalalalalal

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