Saturday, January 05, 2013

SNOWDYEING :Big pieces!!

almost 3 yards of undyed fabric on top of 3 yards of previously dyed fabric (see side layered view)and the snow starting to be added..
Fiber reactive dye powders sprinkled on top of the snow. later in the process I sprayed the yellow powder with a spray bottle tomake sure it was hydrated enough to "strike" on the fabric. For some reason the pure Lemon Yellow doesnt dissolve or hydrate fully sometimes.
This piece of previously dyed 3 plus yards was placed at the very botton of the container to absorb the dye liquid run off.
The end results of that over dyed piece.I really liked the muted look.. and so did my friend Jane. Right after I posted these pics of the ironed fabric on Facebook she decided to snatch this one up for future kids clothing projects. She has an Etsy Shop ( ) makes really cute custom kid clothing and does craft shows in the Chicago area.I cant wait to see this fabric made up!